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Let your voice be heard! Let everyone hear your solution to a problem. Post the issue and then post your solution to it and discuss the possibilities.
1 0 by Blitenthal
on 11-03-2009 00:17:02
Patient Safety
Patient Safety is our goal. Electronic bedside barcoding is one of our goals. What are yours?
3 1 by revinheart
on 10-01-2010 13:58:29
This is the place for those that are doctors, nurses, or those closely involved to divulge otherwise hidden information that you think the public should know.
0 0 by 
on 31-12-1969 18:00:00

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Quaid Discusses Medical Mistakes

Quaid spoke at the HIMSS09 this year. Read this article of the discussion and speech that Dennis gave as a keynote speaker.

See the full article here...


Important Messsage

Our experience has shown that medication errors can and do occur at hospitals throughout the country, even the best ones like Cedars-Sinai.  We now want to work with hospitals to help support their efforts to eliminate medication errors.

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